Treatments – Gloface

  • Acnes
  • Hydrating
  • Brightening
  • Skin Tightening & Lifting
  • Pigmentation
  • Detox
  • Peels



Sonic Cleansing Energie Care Facial                      60 mins

From delicate to problem skins, a sonic cleansing that gently lifts dirt and impurities off the surface of skin. Skin is refreshed with cocktail* of vitamins.
*Depending on different skin type, ‘Energie Care’’s cocktail of vitamins:

Whitening: Vit C , Pentawhite, Green tea extract

Anti-aging: Collagen, Retinol Q-10, Maravelane, DNA, Vit E

Anti-oxidant: Toco E , Beta carotene, Alpha lipoic acid

Acne/Oily: Acne lotion ,  Acne gel, Comedo lotion

Sensitive: Chammomile extract , Pentacalmin , ST complex


Intensive Acne Medic Treatment                    60mins

Suitable for problem skin with congested pores and acne, start with a sonic cleansing that gently lifts impurities and dirt off skin surface before the problem areas are healed with a mild antiseptic high frequency. Combined with acne IPL to rebalance the sebum level, problem skin will dramatically clear up after each session.


Hydrabrasion Facial                                        30mins

A quick way to deeply exfoliate skin with dry and wet system.  The skin is deeply exfoliated while simultaneously vacuuming and washing it. This treatment is a soothing, refreshing treatment which remove dead skin effectively.


Age Defence Cool Treatment                         75mins

Counter signs of aging and maturing skin as anti-aging peptides and skin-nourishing ampoules are deeply penetrated to treat loss of radiance and resilience. Rehydrate the skin with a stimulating, corrective tone-up massage. Cooling and rejuvenating.


Opulence Oxygen Treatment                         45mins

Naturally improve the skin’s hydration with cooling, calming, hyperbaric oxygen infused. Skin defence system is strengthened using antioxidants and a combination of lightweight hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, C, E and green tea for an instantly clearer and smoother complexion. Your skin will emerge deeply hydrated, more luminous, and glowing with vitality. Recommended weekly.



Glo LED Light Facial                             20 mins

A non invasive therapy with LED light energy naturally occurring photo biochemical reaction enhance promotion of collagen while promoting smoother, tighter & brighter skin.


PhotoGenic Facial                                    60 mins

An ultimate glamour non-surgical facial treatment to achieve smoother, rejuvenated & radiant skin. Powerful diamond microdermabrasion to exfoliate and renewal decongest pores , complete with IPL to have intense brightening effect on new skin.


Super ACE Anti-oxidant Treatment                90mins

Abolish skin imperfections once and for all using a combination of deep ultrasound penetration with iontophoresis, the low level current is set to infuse a cocktail of vitamins (A,C,E) into the deeper layer of skin. The extraction works wonders to clear the skin of cellular build-up and skin is healed with sonic cleansing. This intense brightening and clarifying treatment will nourish the skin from inside out for a complete restored balance.


Luminous Detox Facial                                        30mins

Emerge with a wonderful glow as the diamond microdermabrasion invigorates cellular renewal to decongest the pores and brighten sallow skin. Skin will feel clean and balanced of excess oil production



Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment         90mins

The ultimate skin purification, this diamond microdermabrasion invigorates cellular renewal to treat clogged, pigmented and sallow skin. Designed with a cocktail* of vitamins to refresh the appearance of the skin by aligning skin cells in the top layer of the skin to achieve clean and radiant glow.


Skin Tightening & Lifting

GX-Lift Treatment (Indiba RF)    60mins

Using the award-winning INDIBA® activ ProRecovery radio-frequency to tone, shape facial elasticity and promote skin cell regeneration, lymph blockages are cleared, restoring skin suppleness. Perfect to treat imperfections such as fine lines, wrinkles, and post acne scarring. Follow-up treatments improve muscle memory and keep facial muscles tight and firm, preventing the need for cosmetic surgery in your future.




Eternal Lifting Treatment (Reaction RF)          60mins

Using the cutting-edge technology of Reaction™’s multiple radio-frequency to soften and reduce cellulite, experience the dramatic results of skin lifting, flattened scars and reduction of appearance of cellulite for a youthful you. Painless and no side effect.


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ULift Treatment (Ulfit Micro Focused Circular Ultrasound)                             30 mins

Non-invasive V shape face making. The new industry standard of face lifting from Korea- MFCU (Micro Focused Circular Ultrasound) deliver its energy to the targeted area with precision & speed previously never possible.


Video from Ulfit:



Power Rejuvenating Treatment  (IPL)                    20mins

Revitalize and regenerate your cells with the award-winning technology of Trios™ IPL for a natural cell healing process inside out. The revitalized, younger skin cells remodels collagen and promotes extra cellular matrix to regain a stronger, more youthful skin long term. Helps to treat multiple skin imperfections like freckles, sun spots, dull skin, rosacea, acne pigmentation.



Illuminating Aroma Treatment                      60mins

A personalized treatment even for the most delicate complexions that are weary of rich products. Aroma essence combined with sonic cleansing target sallow and tired skins, creating a rehydrated and luminous healthy glow from within. Results from regular treatments are amazing. ​



Mild Peel Treatment                                     45mins

A superficial peel which successfully exfoliates the surface layer of skin to smooth rough texture and remedy minor discolouration like troubled spots and minor acne marks.